Asian Society of Mastology (ASOMA)

Message from the Founder President

Dear esteemed colleagues,

“Ignorance is as important as knowledge. It is ignorance that glorifies knowledge . Both knowledge and ignorance are equal for one in Brahma consciousness, in the highest consciousness of unity.” …..Ashtavakra Gita

The evolution of organ based specialties in Asia could not have waited any longer and it gives me great joy to be involved in this journey as a flag bearer. After having been actively involved in the formation of the very first breast surgeon`s society in India along with other distinguished colleagues, one felt the need to have a society with a wider base encompassing all aspects of breast care and not just surgery . ASOMA was thus conceptualized by a close group of friends and colleagues especially my dearest friends Adil , Dipten ,Felicia, Saifuddin and others. These very distinguished Breast surgeons from various corners of Asia felt the need to have this society with a much wider umbrella.

ASOMA is all inclusive and belongs to each and every health care personnel whose heart beats for breast cancer and the suffering teeming millions in Asia . We do look forward to a very fruitful and scientifically enriching association that would be focusing on “Asian Solutions to Asian Problems”.

As the founder President it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all in this endeavor to have our own trials and our own solutions .The effort would be to get our own data compiled in a way that we may help each other in the management of these disorders.

Kindly join me in dedicating ASOMA to the selfless and hard working third world breast care giver in the back waters of the society doing his best against all odds.

Long live ASOMA
Prof Chintamani
Founder President